White Papers -- Selling your solutions with education

White papers explain new solutions to old problems.

While the basic message of a case study is, "This customer loves our product (service)," a white paper's message is, "This is how our product (service) will benefit you."

White Papers are typically used earlier in a sales cycle to generate leads, nurture prospects, and make sure you win when the customer compares products or services. They take the educational approach of an article and then combine it with the marketing messages of a brochure.

What Are White Papers Used For?
They're typically used to:

  • Market complex or high-priced products and services
  • Products and services with multiple decisionmakers and multiple steps during the selling process

How Do Sellers Use White Papers?

  • Lead generation
  • To influence a potential buyer's formal evaluation
  • To persuade during the buyer's final purchasing decision

Who Reads White Papers, Anyway, and Why?
Unlike many marketing pieces, white papers get passed around a lot, since so many people involved in buying decisions.

Depending on the product or service, and the size of the customer, many different employees may read white papers... managers, supervisors, specialists, senior executives... and often even the CFO, president, or owner of a company.

Buyers do not have the time, the resources or the expertise to learn everything they'd like to learn about their challenges and potential courses of action. Instead, they're looking to white papers more than ever before to help them figure out the full nature of their problems and to help them determine viable ways to solve these challenges.

That means – when well-crafted and well-written – a white paper can help steer a buyer or buying team toward your client's product or service, and it can help do this better than almost any other type of marketing piece your clients could create.

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