Case Studies - Perhaps the most cost-effective piece of marketing literature I can produce for you

Case studies provide an overview of the customer’s experience with your products, services or company. They're really “before and after” stories that cover:

  • Who the customer is
  • Why the person (or company) needed your solution
  • What led them to pick you as their vendor
  • Their experience with your solution, including benefits and results

They often include quotes from a key person at the customer's company and show prospects how how a solution worked for someone else.

While they vary in length, I believe the sweet spot for these documents is between 800 to 1,200 words long... no more than 2 pages.

Why do case studies work?

  • People like stories -- even B2B industrial buyers!
  • They help you get solid, positive PR
  • They build credibility, showing potential buyers what real results have been with a product or service.

And best of all, case studies may be repurposed:

  • Validating claims in print or online marketing materials
  • Email or direct mail lead generation campaigns
  • Newsletters
  • Webinars or PowerPoint presentations
  • Justifying purchasing decisions, or even shortening the sales cycle

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