When is the best time of day to reach you in your office?

Since I write for a living, I devote a portion of each work day to producing uninterrupted copy or conducting uninterrupted research.

Typically I conduct phone calls and most email correspondence in the afternoon. Please, call anytime. If I cannot take the call, leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


What services do you provide? Who are your clients?

As a professional business and direct response writer. I write to persuade readers (or listeners) to take an action... make that sale, click that box, sign up for that e-Newsletter. As a technical writer, I write to educate and help a person use a product or service.

Most of my copywriting projects involve manufacturing or technical companies selling products or services to other manufacturing or technical companies... Industrial B2B.

But, variety is the spice of life, and I've enjoyed working with a wide variety of industries and business sectors (selling B2B and B2C), and written on diverse topics.

So I consider work on many topics and across many fields, but my practice tends to focus heavily on industrial copywriting, where I work with clients in specialized niches that require extra attention to detail and research.

More information is available here.


How soon can you start on my project?

That depends, but the short answer is that it might take a week or so depending on the time of year (some seasons are busier than others), my current workload, receiving all relevant project support, and the scope of the project at hand... among other things.

We'll discuss timing (start and delivery) ahead of time.


Do you have a minimum project charge?



I'm just starting to think about my project, and I don't have any questions yet... How can we get started?

Contact me. I will supply the questions! We'll discuss your marketing and project needs.


How much will my project cost?

Final costs depend entirely on the complexity of the project.

Before beginning a project, you must approve a contract. If the scope changes, I will present a change order detailing the changes in price.


Do you outsource your projects to subcontractors?

No. The work you receive from me was written by me, exclusively.

However, when the project calls for expertise beyond writing -- graphic design, for example -- I do work with design teams (yours or mine). Speaking of that, let's check out the next question...


I have my own graphic artist (or web designer, or other professional). Can you coordinate with them?
I don't have a graphic artist (or other professional). Can you recommend someone?

The answer to both questions is yes!

Specialists work with each other all the time. When discussing and planning a multivendor project, we will sort out the players involved and who handles final project management. Your team is entirely your choice.


Do you have a kill fee?

Yes, I have a project kill fee of 50%.


What about confidentiality agreements?

I routinely handle proprietary information. Every one of my contracts contains a confidentiality clause.

I also regularly sign Non-Disclosure Agreements.


How will I be invoiced for my project? What about deposits?

I require a 50% deposit (nonrefundable) for most projects.

With some services or small projects, I require full payment in advance.

Payment is due within 30 days of invoice date, unless agreed upon otherwise. I do charge a monthly penalty for late payments (10% or $30.00 USD, whichever is greater).


Will you work on retainer?

In most circumstances, no. Experience has shown me that retainers do not work well in most situations. Basically, the client begins to feel like, "what is this copywriter doing to earn this fee?"

Meanwhile the copywriter often starts to think, "a retainer doesn't mean I'll work on every project all month long."

Both sides become dissatisfied.

However, I've seen that retainers do work well in a few specific instances. For example, a few consultation sessions throughout the month, or handling specific small projects (such as blog posts) on a regular schedule.

But these are the exception.


What forms of payment do you accept?

For domestic clients I prefer payments by check, but I also accept payment by bank wire (although there may be an additional charge to cover bank fees).

For clients outside of the United States, I accept bank wire (again, there may be an additional charge for bank fees).