This Industrial Advertising Secret Can Bring You A Flood Of Customers

And Leave Your Competition In The Cluttered and Crowded Marketplace!

Not too long ago, I’d drive up and down the streets in my town and watch factories close their doors due to the recession.

Now -- at least according to the economists -- we have a growing economy. But I still see many businesses and factories boarding up the windows because the sales just aren't there.

Are you struggling also?

My name is Jason Channell, and I've been in manufacturing world for over 25 years as a technical writer, project manager... all the way to President of the smallest Tier 1 auto supplier to GM, Ford, and Chrysler.

And like you, I wondered why so many good companies ran out of money and closed their doors. I was stunned to learn the most common problem didn't involve operations... or labor relations... even government regulations weren't to blame.

The most common problem afflicting hurting industrial companies was ineffective communication. Specifically in advertising and marketing.

And even more shocking: the manufacturers making money didn't necessarily have the best operations or the happiest employees. But they did have a powerful advertising and marketing machine converting leads into sales and products into dollars.

What is the secret?

The problem with so much industrial advertising today is the message--not the medium.

Here’s how it often works: one day an ad salesperson stops in at the plant and pitches Management on the latest and greatest advertising mediums.

“You need social networking… you need this gizmo for the website… and look at the results this stuff for your competitor down the highway. I even have the designers and web people to really make this stand out and get customers to beat a path to your door.”

But the return is zero.

Why? The ad was created by a designer that knew nothing about selling. And all the gee whiz social networking stuff won’t work without an intentional strategy. It's not the medium that sells... it's the message.

Here's the secret: effective advertising is written by direct response copywriters, using time-tested sales techniques that persuade buyers... compelling, convincing copy for websites, emails, landing pages, web sites, and other communications that convert customers and produce significant online and offline sales.


Acting on the secret…

When I uncovered the power of direct response copywriting, I became a student and practitioner, investing years into learning the craft… eventually becoming an industrial marketing consultant and direct response copywriter that helps manufacturing companies and technical firms build high-quality leads and increase sales.

So if you find it increasingly difficult to stand out – let alone thrive – in the cluttered and competitive industrial marketplace, learn what direct response copy can do for your sales… just call me at (248) 325-8394 or email me here.